Select appropriate alternatives from those given below and rewrite the sentence.

1) Anuj and Eeshan are two partners sharing profits and losses in the ratio of 3:2. They decided to admit Aaroh for 1/5th share, the new profit sharing ratio will be ________
a) 12 : 8 : 5
b) 4 : 3 : 1
c) 12 : 8 : 1
d) 12 : 3 : 1
Ans:a)  12 : 8 : 5

2) Excess of proportionate capital over actual capital represents _________
a) Equal capital
b) Surplus Capital
c) Deficit Capital
d) Gain
Ans:c) Deficit Capital

3) __________ is credited when an unrecorded asset is brought into the business.
a) Revaluation Account
b) Balance Sheet
c) Trading Account
d) Partners capital Account
Ans:a) Revaluation Account

4) When goodwill is withdrawn by the partner ________ account is credited.
a) Revaluation
b) Cash/Bank
c) Current
d) Profit and Loss Adjustment
Ans :b) Cash/Bank

5) If the asset is taken over by the partner_________ account is debited.
a) Revaluation
b) Capital
c) Asset
d) Balance Sheet
Ans:b) Capital