Write a word/phrase/term which can substitute the following statement.

1) Method under which calculation of goodwill is done on the basis of extra profit earned above the normal profit
Ans:- Super Profit Method

2) An account opened to adjust the value of assets and liabilities at the time of admission of a partner
Ans:- Revaluation A/c or Profit and Loss A/c

3) Reputation of business measured in terms of money
Ans:– Goodwill

4) The ratio in which general reserve is distributed to the old partners.
Ans:- Old Ratio 

5) Name the method of the treatment of goodwill where new partner will bring his share of goodwill in cash.
Ans:- Premium Method

6) The proportion in which old partners make a sacrifice.
Ans:- Sacrifice Ratio

7) Capital employed × NRR/100
Ans:- Normal Profit

8) An account that is debited when the partner takes over the asset.
Ans:- Partner’s Capital A/c or Partner’s Current A/c

9) Profit and Loss Account balance appearing on the liability side of the Balance Sheet.
Ans:- Undistributed Profit or Accumulated Profit

10) Old ratio – New ratio
Ans:- Sacrifice Ratio