Find an Odd One (Weightage 5 Marks)

1. Partnership Final Account

1) Wages, Salary, Royalty, Import Duty.

Ans: Salary


2) Postage, Stationery Advertising, Purchases.

Ans: Purchases


3) Capital, Bills Receivable, Reserve Fund, Bank overdraft.

Ans: Bills Receivable

4) Building, Machinery, Furniture, Bills payable.

Ans: Bills payable


5) Discount received, Dividend received, Interest received, Depreciation.

Ans: Depreciation


2. Not for Profit’ Concern

1. Trading Account, Profit and Loss Account, Receipts and Payments Account, Balance Sheet.
Ans: Receipts and Payments Account

2. Machinery, Furniture, Computers, Salaries.
Ans: Salaries

3. Subscription, Stationery, Interest Received, Locker Rent received,
Ans: Stationery

4. Reliance Industries, Venna Vidya Mandir, Laxmi Hospital, Manoj Sports club.
Ans: Reliance Industries

5. Surplus, Deficit, Net Profit, Capital fund,
Ans: Net Profit

3. Admission of Partner

1) General reserve, Creditors, Machinery, Capital

2) The decrease in Furniture, Patents written off, Increase in Bills Payable, RDD written off
ans:-RDD written off

3) Super profit method, Valuation method, Average profit method, Fluctuating capital method
Ans:-Fluctuating capital method

4. Retirement of Partner

Not Available

5. Death of Partner

Not Available

6. Dissolution of Partnership Firm

Not Available

7. Bills of Exchange

1) Retaining, Noting, Discounting, Endorsing
Ans:- Noting

2) Trade bill, Accommodation bill, After date bill, Demand bill
Ans:- Demand bill

3) Notary Public, Drawer, Drawee, Payee
Ans:- Notary Public

4) Discounting charges, Rebate, Bank charges, Noting charges.
Ans:- Noting charges

5) Stamp, Acceptance, Draft, Amount
Ans:- Draft

8. Company Accounts – Issue of Shares

Not Available

9. Analysis of Financial Statements

Not Available

10. Computer In Accounting

Not Available