Give one word/term/phrase for the following statement.

1) The statement showing profitability of two different periods
Ans: Comparative Income Statement.

2) The ratio measures the relationship between Gross Profit and Net Sales.
Ans: Gross Profit Ratio

3) Critical evaluation of financial statements to measure profitability.
Ans: Analysis of Financial Statement

4) A particular mathematical number showing relationship between two accounting figures.
Ans: Ratio

5) An asset which can be converted into cash immediately
Ans: Liquid Asset

6) The ratio measuring the relationship between net profit and ownership capital employed.

7) The statement showing financial position for different periods of previous year and current year.
Ans: Comparative Balance Sheet

8) Statement showing changes in cash and cash equivalent during a particular period.
Ans: Cash Flow Statement

9) Activity related to acquisition of long term assets and investment.
Ans: Financing Activities

10) The ratio that establishes relationship between Quick Assets and Current Liabilities
Ans: Liquid Ratio