Give one word/phrase/term which can substitute the following statement

1) Three extra days which are allowed over and above the term of bill.
Ans:- Grace days.

2) Fees charged by Notary Public for getting the fact of dishonour noted.
Ans :-  Noting Charges.

3) Amount which is not recoverable from Drawee on account of insolvency.
Ans:-  Bad debts.

4) A person who is entitled to receive the amount of bill of exchange
Ans:-  Payee.

5) A person in whose favour a bill endorsed.
Ans:-  Endorsee.

6) Officer appointed by government for noting of dishonour of bill.
Ans:-  Notary Public.

7) Cancellation of bill on maturity in return of a new bill for extended period of credit.
Ans:-  Renewal of Bill.

8) Bill of exchange drawn and accepted without any valuable consideration.
Ans:-  Accommodation bill.

9) Person who is in possession of Bill of Exchange.
Ans:- Holder.

10) Conversion of Bill of Exchange into its present value.
Ans:-  Discounting of the bill.