Prepare the following Specimens

1) Drawer: Shankar, Vadodara, Gujrat.
Drawee: Vinayak, Somwar peth, Pune.
Amount : ₹ 16,000
Period : 3 months
Date of Bill: 6th Sept. 2019.
Date of acceptance: 11th Sept. 2019.

2) Drawer: Dinesh, P. R. Road, Andheri West.
Drawee: Mahesh, L. B. S. Road, Mulund.
Payee: Amit, Thane West.
Amount: ₹ 9,500
Period of Bill: 4 months after sight.
Date of Bill: 26th Nov. 2019.
Date of acceptance: 29th Nov. 2019.

3) Kantilal, 343/D, Palm Heights, Jogeshwari, drew a bill on 10th Oct. 2019 for ₹63,490 for 45 days after date on Shantilal, B2, Himalaya Towers, Baramati, payable to Priyanka, Satara. The bill was accepted on 13th Oct. 2019 for 60 days.

4) Rahul Sane, 86-D, Raviwar Peth, Nagpur accepted the bill drawn on him by Prithviraj, Icon Heights, Wardha for ₹ 87,000 on 30th July 2019. The bill was drawn on 26th July 2019 for ₹ 1,00,000 for 90 days after date.

5) Drawer: Kashmira Shah, Partner M/S Shah and Shah, 2-C, Matruchaya Building, Akola. Drawee: Dhanashree Traders, Bangalore Road, Belgaum. (Signed by Jayashree, Partner) Payee: M/S Janki Traders, Akola.
Amount : ₹ 64,500
Period of Bill : 3 months
Date of drawing: 12th Sept. 2019
Date of acceptance: 15th Sept. 2019

6) Prepare a demand bill with imaginary Drawer, Drawee, Address, Amount, and Date.