Give one word/term/phrase for the following statement.

1) Amount called-up on shares by the company but not received.
Ans: Calls-in-Arrears.

2) Issue of share at its face value
Ans: Issue at par.

 3) The person who purchase the shares of a company.
Ans: Shareholder
4) The form of business organisation where huge amount of capital can be raised.
Ans: Joint-stock company.

5) The capital which is subscribed by the public.
Ans: Subscribed capital.

6) The shares having preferential right at the time of winding up of the company
Ans: Preference shares.

7) The shares on which dividend is not fixed.
Ans: Equity shares.

8) The part of subscribed capital which is not called-up by the company.
Ans: Uncalled capital.