Answer in One Sentence.

1) What is CAS?
Ans: CAS means Computerized Accounting System which helps business firms to implement accounting processes and makes it user friendly with automation.

2) Write the steps to create a ledger account in tally?
Steps to create ledger account in tally are as follows :
(1) From Gateway of Tally Screen, click on account info.
(2) Path gateway to Tally – Accounts Info – Ledgers – Single ledger – Choses create.

3) How to view reports in tally?
 Ans: For viewing accounting reports in accounting software click on report option and select the Display option.

4) Explain the various types of voucher?
Ans: Following are the various voucher types:
1) F4 Contra voucher – For cash deposited in the bank and cash withdrawn from bank, Transfer from one cash A/c to other Cash A/c and Bank to Bank transfer
(2) F5 Payment voucher – For all types of payments are recorded through this voucher type (Cash and Bank) Cash or Bank
(3) F6 Receipt voucher – For Cash and Bank receipts
(4) F7 Journal voucher – For non-cash transactions
(5) F8 Sales voucher – For cash as well as credit sales
(6) F9 Purchase voucher – For cash as well as credit purchase.

5) Write the steps to create a company?
Ans:  Following are the steps to create a company:
(1) After entering into Accounting software Tally, double click on the option, create company, under company information. Then follow the navigation path. Gateway of Tally > Company Info > Create Company.
(2) Fill the details in the company creation form, displayed on the screen – Company creation window.