Final Account Hidden Adjustment

 Adjustment1st Effect2nd Effect
1Salaries/Rent Paid (For 10 months)Add to Salary (2 Month)Liability
2Insurance premium paid for 1 year ending 30th June, 2019 (Accounting year ends on 31st March 2019)Less from Insurance Premium (3 Month Amount from April to June)Asset Side
3Advertisement expenses (for 4 years)Less from AdvertisementAsset Side
4Rent received (for 11 months)Add to Rent (1 Month)Asset Side
510% Loan (Borrowed on 1st Jan. 2018) (Accounting year ends on 31st March 2018)Add to Loan (Interest of 3 Month)P&L A/c – Dr Side
616% Investment (Purchased on 1st Jan.2019) (Accounting year
ends on 31st March 2019)
Add to Investment ( Interest for 3 Month )P&L A/c – Cr Side
710% Government BondsAdd to Government Bond (Interest for 12 Month)P&L A/c – Cr Side