Answer the following questions on the basis of the following information

Ganesh travelled to the mall by bus. He gave the conductor Rs 10 coin for the ticket. He purchased many commodities from the mall.
At the billing counter, he gave his credit card for payment but the billing clerk informed him that only debit cards were accepted. Since Ganesh had forgotten his
debit card at home, he offered to make payment by cash.

1) Identify the types of money used in the information
Ans:- The types of money used in the information are metallic money, plastic money, paper money

2) Explain any two of them.
Ans:-  The two types of money are :
1. Metallic money: Money made out of metals such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum, nickel, etc. is called metallic money. It is comparatively less portable and more durable.
2. Paper money: Money made out of paper is called paper money. It is comparatively more portable and less durable.