Identify and explain the concepts

1) Vasantsheth provides coal from his shop to farmers in exchange for foodgrains.
(A) Explanation of the concept:- Barter Exchange
(B)  Explanation of concept: Barter exchange is a type of exchange in Which goods and services are exchanged for goods and services.

2) Babanrao deposits his money in a nationalized bank.
(A) Explanation of the concept:-Bank money.
(B) Explanation of concept: Bank money refers to deposits Which are in the form of cash saved by people in banks.

3) Charu used her debit card to purchase a shirt for her younger brother.
(A) Explanation of the concept:- Plastic money.
(B) Explanation of concept: Plastic money is a money in the form of credit cards and debit cards that is used in transaction due to advanced technology.

4) Malathi purchased a house through an agent. The agent accepted the commission amount in cash but did not issue a receipt to her.
(A) Explanation of the concept:- Black money.
(B) Explanation of concept: Black money is a type of money which is received in cash but not accounted for and on which tax is not paid to the government.

5) To prevent misuse/fraudulent use of the national currency, a note ban is imposed on its use at certain times.
(A) Explanation of the concept:- Demonetization.
(B) Explanation of concept: Demonetization is a tool of a Withdrawal of metal coins, paper notes from use as legal tender.