State with reasons whether you agree or disagree with the following statements

1) Partition values have application only in theory but not in practice.
Ans:- No, I do not agree with this statement.
1. Partition values like quartiles, deciles, percentiles divide the given set of observations into equal number of parts. So they have application in theory.
2. Quartiles, deciles, percentiles are very useful to study the concepts of population, unemploy ment, poverty, etc.
3. Quartiles, deciles, percentiles are also useful in practice while framing various government policies related to removal of poverty, inequality, measurement of health indicators, etc.
Thus, partition values have applications in theory as well as in practice.

2) Average can misinterpret the representative value.
Ans:- Yes, I agree With this statement.
Reasons :-
1. The arithmetic mean, mode and median are the types of averages which have certain limitations.
2. Arithmetic mean gets affected by extreme values. Its value may not exist in the given series. Mode does not have any significance When the data given is small and none of the items repeat. In case of the median, the array of huge data is laborious.
3. Arithmetic mean mode and median are not amenable to mathematical treatment.
Thus, the average can misinterpret the representative value.

3) Median is also known as second quartile.
Ans:- Yes, I agree with this statement. Reasons :
1. The Median divides data into two equal parts.
2. Quartile divides data into four equal parts.
3. Thus, the value of the median is equal to the value of the second quartile.
Therefore, the median is also known as the second quartile.