Quiz on Partition Values

#1. The first population census of India was published in the year ………..

#2. Stages of the theory of demographic transition. (a) High birth rate high death rate (b) High birth rate low death rate (c) Low first rate and low death rate. (d) Economic development

#3. Find the odd word out: Stages of Demographic Transition –

#4. Remedies undertaken to check population explosion.(a) To provide employment (b) To improve women’s quality of life (c) National Population Policy (d) Disaster management.

#5. Find the odd word out: Effects of Population Explosion.

#6. Incorrect reason for high birth rate. (a) Lower age of marriage. (b) Overdependence on agriculture. (c) Higher level of literacy. (d) Widespread poverty.

#7. ………… refers to the number of people living in an area at a given point of time.

#8. Find the odd word out : Concept related to population growth –

#9. Incorrect reasons for population explosion in India.