Choose the correct option:

1) The branch of economics that deals with the allocation of resources.
a) Micro economics
b) Macro economics
c) Econometrics
d) None of these
1) a, b and c
2) a and b
3) only a
4) None of these
Ans:-3) Only a

2) Concepts studied under Microeconomics.
a) National income
b) General price level
c) Factor pricing
d) Product pricing
Option :
1) b and c
2) b, c and d
3) a, b and c
4) c and d
Ans:-4) c and d

3) Method adopted in micro economic analysis.
a) Lumping method
b) Aggregative method
c) Slicing method
d) Inclusive method
Option :
a) a, c and d
b) a, b and d
c) only c
d) only a
Ans:-c) Only c

4) Concepts studied under Macro economics.
a) Whole economy
b) Economic development
c) Aggregate supply
d) Product pricing
Option :
a) a, b and c
b) b, c and d
c) only d
d) a, b, c and d
Ans:- a) a,b and c