Identify and explain the concepts from the given illustrations

1) Raghu’s father regularly invests his money in stocks and bonds.
Ans: Identified concept : Investment in Stock Market.
Explanation of concept : Stock Market (Exchange) is an important constituent of the capital market which is an association or organization in which stocks, bonds, commodities, etc. are traded. 

2) Sara makes a monthly contribution to a fund jointly created by her friends. The collected fund is then given to a chosen member through lucky draw.
Ans: Identified concept : Chit funds.
Explanation of concept : Chit funds is a constituent of unorganized money market in India in which members make regular contribution to the fund. Bids or draws are made on the basis of a criteria mutually agreed upon by the members. Accordingly, the collected fund is given to the chosen member.

3) Tina deposited a lumpsum amount of Rs50,000 in the bank for a period of one year.
Ans: Identified concept : Fixed deposit.
Explanation of concept : A fixed deposit is a type of deposit in which the saver deposits a certain amount in the form of a deposit in a commercial bank for a fixed period of time and he can withdraw the amount from the deposit after a specified period.

4) ABC bank provides d-mat facility, safe deposit lockers, internet banking facilities to its customers.
Ans: Identified concept : Ancillary functions of commercial banks.
Explanation of concept : Commercial banks provide many customer services to the customers. The function of providing these services is called ancillary functions of commercial banks.