Complete the following statement by choosing the correct alternatives

1) In the law of diminishing marginal utility, Alfred Marshall assumes that the marginal utility of money ________.
a) increases
b) remains constant
c) decreases
d) rises and then falls
ans:-b) remains constant

2) As per the law of diminishing marginal utility, the measurement of utility is assumed to be _____.
a) ordinal
b) cardinal
c) both ordinal and cardinal
d) none of the above
Ans:-b) cardinal

3) MU of the commodity becomes negative when TU of a commodity is ______.
a) rising
b) constant
c) falling
d) zero
Ans:- c) falling

4) When MU is falling, TU is _______.
a) rising
b) falling
c) not changing
d) maximum
ans:-a) rising