Exercise 1.4 (1)

1. Write the following statements in symbolic form.

i) If triangle is equilateral then it is equiangular.
Ans: Let p : Triangle is equilateral 
               q :  Triangle is equiangular 
        ∴ The Symbolic form is  p →q

ii) It is not true that “i” is a real number.
Ans: Let p : I is a real number. 
        ∴ The symbolic form is ~p.

iii) Even though it is not cloudy, it is still raining.
Ans: Let p : It is Cloudy. 
               q :  It is raining 
       ∴ The Symbolic form is ~p∧q.

iv) Milk is white if and only if the sky is not blue.
Ans: Let p : Milk is white. 
               q :  Sky is blue. 
        ∴  The Symbolic form is p ↔(~ q).

v) Stock prices are high if and only if stocks are rising.
Ans: Let p : Stock prices are high.
               q :  Stock are rising.
        ∴ The Symbolic form is p ↔q.

vi) If Kutub-Minar is in Delhi then Taj-Mahal is in Agra.
Ans: Let p : Kutub-Minar is in Delhi . 
               q : Taj-Mahal is in Agra.
        ∴ The Symbolic form is p →q.