Arrange in Proper Order (Weightage 5 Marks)

1. Principles of Management

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2. Functions of Management

1) Controlling, Organizing, Planning.
Ans: 1) Planning    2) Organizing    3) Controlling.

2) Directing, Co-ordinating, Staffing.
Ans:  1) Staffing      2) Directing      3) Co-ordinating.

3. Entrepreneurship Development

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4. Business Services

1) Claim, Accident, Taking the policy, Compensation
Ans: Taking the policy,    Accident, Claim,   Compensation

2) Email, Inland letter, Courier
Ans: Inland letter,   Courier,   E-mail

5. Emerging Modes of Business

1) Purchase or sale,  Delivery stage,  Pre-purchase or sale.
Ans: Pre-purchase or sale, Purchase or sale, Delivery stage

2) Placing orders, Cash on delivery, Registration
Ans : Registration, Placing an order, Cash on delivery

6. Social Responsibilities of Business

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7. Consumer Protection

1) National Commission, District Commission, State Commission.
Ans : District Commission, State Commission, National Commission.

 2) District Judge, Supreme Court Judge, High Court Judge.
Ans : District Judge, High Court Judge, Supreme Court Judge.

8. Marketing

1. Local market, international market, national market.
Ans: Local market, national market, international market


2. Grading, Market Planning, Distribution.
Ans: Market Planning, grading, distribution