Find the Odd One (Weightage 5 Marks)

1. Principles of Management

1) Principle of Authority and Responsibility, Motion Study, Principle of Division of Work,  Principle of Discipline
Ans: Motion Study

2) Fatigue Study, Principle of Unity of Command, Work Study, Motion Study
Ans: Principle of Unity of Command

2. Functions of Management

1) Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Writing
Ans: Writing


2) Selecting, Training, Co-ordinating, Placing
Ans: Placing

3. Entrepreneurship Development

1) Communicator, Innovator, Self-starter, Inactive
Ans: Inactive

2) Trekking, Wildlife study, Horseback riding, Indoor games
Ans: Indoor games.

3) Innovation, Lack of communication, Development of market, Determining the objectives
Ans: Lack of communication

4. Business Services

1) Primary credit co-operative society, state co-operative bank, district co-operative bank, ex-change bank
Ans: ex-change bank

Ans: RBI

3) Endowment policy, Whole life policy, Money back policy, Blanket policy
Ans: Blanket policy

5. Emerging Modes of Business

Ans: RTO

2) B2B, B2C, A2Z, C2C
Ans: A2Z

3) Debit card, Credit card, Aadhar card, ATM card
Ans: Aadhar card

6. Social Responsibilities of Business

1) Job security, health and safety measures, good working condition, reasonable profit
Ans:- reasonable profit

2) Good quality products, fair prices, honest advertising, prevent congestion in cities
Ans:- prevent congestion in cities

3) Timely payment of taxes, earning foreign exchange, creating goodwill, political stability

4) Protection of environment, maintain transparency, employment generation, development of the backward region
Ans:- maintain transparency

5) The proper conduct of the meeting, careful use of capital, fair prices of products, maintain solvency and prestige
Ans:-fair prices of products

7. Consumer Protection

1) District Commission, State Commission, NGO, National Commission
Ans: NGO

2) District Judge, High Court Judge, Commissioner, Supreme Court Judge
Ans: Commissioner

8. Marketing

1. Primary Market, Secondary Market, Retail Market, Terminal Market
Ans: Retail Market


2. Stock Exchange, Foreign Exchange, Bullion Market, Manufactured Goods Market
Ans: Manufactured Goods Market


3. Price, People, Promotion, Product
Ans: People


4. People, Promotion, Physical Evidence, Process
Ans: Promotion