Select the correct Option and Rewrite the Sentence (Weightage 5 Marks)

1. Principles of Management

1) _____________ was regarded as Father of Scientific Management.
a) Henry Fayol
b) F W Taylor
c) Philip Kotler
Ans:- b) F W Taylor

2) Principle of ___________ is based on ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’.
a) Discipline
b) order
c) equity
Ans:- b) order

3) Member of organization should receive orders from ____________ .
a) many superior
b) one superior
c) all superiors
Ans:- b) one superior

4) Scalar chain means the hierarchy of __________ from the top level to the lower level for the purpose of
a) communication.
b) discipline
c) unity
d) authority
Ans:- d) authority

5) Taylor recommended total __________ foremen to control the various aspects of production.
a) eight
b) three
c) two
Ans:- a) eight

2. Functions of Management

1) The functions of management start with __________ function.
a) organizing 
b) planning
c) coordinating
Ans:- b) planning

2) The functions of management end with __________.
a) directing
b) staffing
c) Controlling
c) Controlling

3) __________ sets out standards for controlling.
a) Staffing
b) Planning
c) Coordinating
Ans:- b) Planning

4) Organization function is important for execution of the plans which have been prepared by __________ management.
a) top level
b) middle level
c) lower level
Ans:- a) top level

5) ___________ is the function which supports to activate the plans with the help of employees.
a) Staffing
b) Directing
c) Co-ordinating
Ans:- b) Directing

6) ____________ is the function of execution according to the plan and the organizational structure.
a) Controlling
b) Directing
c) Staffing
Ans:- b) Directing

7) ______ arranges the work in such a way that minimum conflicts are raised.
a) Co-ordinating
b) Organizing
c) Controlling
Ans:- a) Co-ordinating

3. Entrepreneurship Development

1) The word ‘entrepreneur’ is derived from the _________ word ‘entreprendre’
a) Japanese
b) English
c) French 
Ans:- c) French 

2) ‘Entreprendre’ means to _________
a) Undertake
b) Enterprise
c) Businessman 
ans:- a) Undertake

3) Start Up India is an initiative of the_______________
a) RBI
b) Government of India
c) World Bank 
Ans:- b) Government of India

4) ___________ is the idea of bringing urban residents to rural areas, by empowering to local communities, both socially and economically.
a) Agro tourism
b) Medical tourism
c) tertainment
Ans:- a) Agro tourism

4. Business Services

1) Door to door service is provided by _________ transport.
a) railway
b) road
c) air 
Ans:- b) road

2) __________ creates time utility.
a) Warehouse 
b) Transport 
c) Government 
Ans:- a) Warehouse 

3) _____________ warehouses provide facilities for perishable commodities.
a) Bonded
b) Cold storage
c) Government 
Ans:- b) Cold storage

4) _____________  policy covers all types of risks of a vessel while it is anchored at the port for a particular period of time.
a) Port risk
b) Voyage
c) Floating 
Ans:- a) Port risk

5) Principle of ___________ is not applicable to life insurance.
a) insurable interest 
b) utmost good faith
c) indemnity
Ans:- c) indemnity


5. Emerging Modes of Business

1) For Online transactions____________ is required.
a) registration
b) trading
c) business
Ans:- a) registration

2) The term ‘e-business’ is derived from the term ___________ and e-commerce.
a) Cash
b) e-pay
c) e-mail
ans:- c) e-mail

3) The transactions under ____________ are between consumers and consumers.
a) B2B
b) C2C
c) B2C
Ans:- b) C2C

4) The process of contracting a business function to someone else is called as ____________.

5) In online shopping customers put the product in the ____________.
a) shopping mall
b) shopping cart
c) shopping bag
Ans:- b) shopping cart


6. Social Responsibilities of Business

1) Business is a ________ activity.
a) Socio-economic
B) Service
C) Charitable
aNS:- a) Socio-economic

2) The business organization should try to make ____________ utilization of natural resources.
a) Minimum
b) Maximum
c) Optimum 
Ans:- c) Optimum 

3) For economic growth and national security ____________ stability is required
a) Political
b) Social
c) Economic
Ans:- a) Political

4) Making timely payment of proper taxes is the responsibility of organisation towards ____________.
a) Shareholders
b) Customers
c) Government 
Ans:- c) Government 

5) Businessmen are __________ of the society
a) Representatives
b) leaders
c) Trustees
Ans:- c) Trustees 

6) The business should provide periodic information to ____________.
a) Customers
b) Owners
c) Employees 
Ans:- b) Owners

7) The business should offer adequate opportunities of promotion to their ____________.
a) Employees
b) Customers 
c) Investors
Ans:- a) Employees

8) The term ‘Ethics’ is derived from the ____________ word ‘Ethos’ which means character.
a) Latin
b) French
c) Greek
Ans:- c) Greek

9) Business ethics refers to the ____________ system of principles.
a) Economic 
b) Social
c) Moral
Ans:- c) Moral

10) The business organisation should protect health and provide safety measures to ____________
a) employees
b) owners
c) investors
Ans:- a) employees

 11) At least __________________ % of the average net profit should be spent on C.S.R.
a) 5%
b) 2%
c) 3%
Ans:- b) 2%

7. Consumer Protection

1) In India, the consumer protection act was initiated in the year ____________.
a) 1947
b) 1989
c) 1986
Ans:- c) 1986

2) The President of District Commission is a ____________.
a) District Judge

b) High Court Judge
c) Supreme Court Judge
Ans:- a) District Judge

3) The main objective of the consumer organization is to protect the interest of the ____________.
a) Consumer

b) trader
c) producer
Ans:- a) Consumer

 4) ____________ is the highest authority to settle the consumer dispute under Act.
a) State Commission
b) National Commission
c) District Commission
Ans:- b) National Commission

 5) The Government has established ____________ to settle the consumer disputes by compromise.
a) District Commission
b) Lok Adalat
c) Consumer organisation
Ans:-b) Lok Adalat

 6) National Commission has ____________ members.
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
Ans:- c) 4

 7) District Commission entertains complaints of the consumer for compensation which is less than ____________
a) one crore

b) ten lacs
c) ten crore
Ans:- a) one crore

8) ____________ is celebrated as World Consumer Day.
a) 24th December
b) 26th January
c) 15th March
Ans:- c) 15th March 

 9) In modern competitive market, consumer is regarded as the ____________.
a) king

b) Agency
c) Owner
Ans:- a) king

8. Marketing

1) The term market is derived from the ____________ word ‘Mercatus’
a) French
b) Latin
c) Italian
Ans:- b) Latin

2) In the ____________ concept of market, the emphasis is given on ‘buying and selling of goods or services’.
a) Place
b) Exchange
c) Customer
Ans:- b) Exchange

3) Perishable goods such as vegetables, fruits, milk products, etc. are sold in Marketat.
a) Very Short Period
b) Short Period
c) Long Period
Ans:-a) Very Short Period 

4) The retail market is the market where the retailer sells goods directly to the____________in small quantities.
a) Producer
b) Wholesaler
c) Consumer
Ans:-c) Consumer