Study the following case/situation and express your opinion.

1) There is X company in which capital contribution by different entities are as follows:
Madhya Pradesh Govt 35%, Maharashtra Government 35% and Government of India 30% of company. 

i) Find out type of this company.
ii) Tell any two features of this company.
iii) Give an example of this type of company.
i) ‘X’ company is a Government Company.
ii) Separate legal entity and Registration under the Companies Act, 2013 are the features of ‘X’ Government Company.
iii) Hindustan Machine Tools (HMT), State Trading Corporation (STC), are examples of the Government Company

2) There is a company which is having a registered office in Singapore and such company is having branch offices in Varanasi (India) and Hambantota(Sri Lanka). This company provides cellular services to host countries through their respective branch offices. 
i) Find out type of organisation.
ii) Comment on it.
i) This type of organisation is called Multinational Corporation.
ii) Multinational Corporation means the companies which undertake business activities in more than one country. So this company is registered in Singapore and having branches in India and Sri Lanka.

i) Name the business organisation, which is self-financed, delegates authority and run by government as an integral part of it.
ii) State any two merits of this organisation.
i)It is a Departmental Organisation.
ii) No separate legal entity and Government employees are the merits of the Departmental Organisation.

4) A central government passes a statute in the parliament and forms a business organisation which is having autonomy in administration and this organisation is answerable to legislature. 
i) Which type of organisation is this?
ii) Give any three Features of this organisation.
iii) Give any one example of this type of organisation.
i)It is a Statutory Corporation.
ii) A corporate body, No political interference, Own staffing system are the features of Statutory Corporation.
iii) “Life Insurance Corporation of India” is the example of a Statutory Corporation.