Attempt the following.

1) State the different forms of finances provided by SIDBI.
SIDBI offers the following finance facilities to its customers:
1. Direct Finance: SIDBI offers direct financing to the MSMEs through financing Working Capital, Term Loan, Foreign Currency Loan, Equity Support, Energy Saving Schemes, etc.
2. Indirect Finance: SIDBI offers indirect assistance by providing refinance to banks, State Level Financial Institutions, etc. with an extensive branch network across the country.
3. Micro Finance: SIDBI offers micro-finance to small businessmen and entrepreneurs for establishing their business.

2) State the role of SIDBI in sustainable development.
Role of SIDBI in sustainable development:
1. SIDBI helps MSMEs in the creation of economic wealth while preventing the ecological wealth of the country. It promotes the culture of energy-efficient and sustainable finance. It takes initiative to enhance awareness of the benefits of climate control amongst MSMEs.
2. It focuses on lending schemes, promoting investments in clean production, and energy-efficient technologies. It helps to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases to contribute to a reduction in pollution.

3) Explain role of NABARD in financing rural industries.
Role of NABARD in financing rural industries:
1. It plays an important role in providing refinance to small scale industries and other village and cottage industries.
2. It provides loans to commercial and co-operative banks to promote rural employment.
3. It organizes skill and entrepreneurship development programmes to promote an entrepreneurial culture among rural youth and encourage them to start enterprises in rural areas.

4) Explain objectives of KVIC.
Objectives of KVIC are:
1. The objectives of KVIC are broadly classified into three. i.e. social objective, economic objectives, and wider objective.
2. Through social objectives, KVIC aims at providing employment to the rural unemployed.
3. Through economic objective, it tries to produce saleable articles which will give promotion to KVIC products.
4. Through a wider objective, it attempts to create self-refinance amongst the poor and building a strong rural community spirit.

5) Explain the role of KVIC in employment generation.
Role of KVIC in employment generation:
1. Due to the massive population growth agricultural sector is losing its ability to generate additional employment in rural areas.
2. It is necessary to create employment opportunities for the fast increasing workforce in rural areas.
3. Khadi and village industries are labour intensive in nature.
4. The KVIC is established with the broader objective to promote non-farm employment opportunities in rural areas.
5. It also concentrates on the betterment of rural artisans and socio-economic weaker section of the society.

6) Explain in detail democratic setup in SHGs.
Democratic set up in SHGs:
1. SHG is a group of the members, for the members, and by the members.
2. It is the group that reflects people’s real participation in the process of development.
3. Every member of the group actively participates in the functioning of SHGs.
4. Members are responsible for their own future by organizing themselves into SHGs.
5. They elect or select leaders for the proper functioning of the group.
6. The leader is responsible for holding regular meetings and maintaining records and accounts of the group.

7) Explain organizational structure of World Bank
Organizational Structure of the World Bank:
1. The organization of the bank consists of the Board of Governors, the Board of Executive Directors and the Advisory Committee, the Loan Committee, and the President and other staff members.
2. Board of Governors is the supreme policy-making body of the bank.
3. The board consists of one Governor and one Alternate Governor appointed for 5 years by each member country.
4. The Board of Executive Directors consists of 21 members, 6 of them are appointed by the six largest Shareholders, namely USA, UK, Germany, France, Japan, and India. The rest 15 members are elected by the remaining countries..