Study the following case/situation and express your opinion.

1) Anand completed his MBA and wants to start a Small Scale Industry. He is good at using technology. He has very good business idea in mind and looking for a lender or investor.

i) Who is promoter or businessman in this case? 
Ans:- A person who gets the idea of starting the business enterprise is called a promoter or businessman. In the above case, Anand is a promoter or businessman.

ii) What is full form of SSI?
Ans:- The full form of SSI is Small Scale Industry.

iii) Suggest digital ways to find lender or investor for this initiative.
SIDBI has started Digital initiatives/Digital ways to find lenders or investors.
For this initiative I can suggest the following ways:
(a) SIDBI Startup Mitra:
It brings together all stakeholders, start-up entrepreneurs, incubators, investors, industry bodies, mentors and advisors, and banks on one platform. It helps in the financing and development of new entrepreneurs.
(b) Udyami Mitra:
This is a portal launched by SIDBI to improve the accessibility of credit and handholding services to MSMEs. Under this portal, entrepreneurs can apply for a loan without physically visiting any bank branches. The entrepreneurs can select and apply for preferred banks, they can select a suitable branch, track their application status, and avail multiple loan benefits.