Study the following case/situation and express your opinion.

1) Jaysukh oil mills produce refined oil. The entire production is purchased by Rupesh oil
Depot, who in turn sells it to various retailers. Mrs. Prachi purchased 2 kg oil from Balaji
Groceries. Identify:

i) Wholesaler
Ans:- Wholesaler- Rupesh Oil Depot

ii) Retailer
Ans:- Retailer – Balaji Groceries

iii) Consumer
Ans:- Consumer- Mrs. Prachi

2) Mr. Pranav is a tin manufacturer in India. Mr. Jack of England sells goods to M/s. Frank
Corporation in North America and Mr. Williams of USA buys various goods from Brazil.

i) Who is importer?
Ans:- Importer M/s Frank Corporation in North America, Mr. Williams in USA.

ii) Who is
Ans:- Manufacturer – Mr. Pranav

iii) Who is exporter?
Ans:- Exporter Mr. Jack