Study the following case/situation and express your opinion.

1) Mr. Ram wants to start Small Scale business of manufacturing parts of bicycle or machinery.

i) Identify the first step or stage of setting up his Small Scale business.
Ans:- Ram has to first decide whether the setup will be corporation, proprietorship, or partnership. He has to identify his strength and weaknesses which can help him to decide what type of business would be most suitable. He has to study the amount of capital requirement needed to start his business. Once he gets the idea of total capital requirement he can decide what type of business to start.

ii) State the different ways of raising the capital for his business.
Ans:- If Ram decides to start as proprietorship than he has to raise all the capital by himself. He can get it from his own savings or borrow money from banks, financial institutions. He can also study different government schemes and raise capital through those schemes. If Ram decides to start a partnership firm than he will have to find a person who is ready to invest in his partnership firm as well as he has knowledge about manufacturing parts of the bicycle. They can raise capital by investing their savings, borrowing through financial institutions and friends. They can also take help from various government schemes and institutions set-up to help SSI. If Ram decides to start a corporation i.e. Pvt. Ltd. Company than he can raise capital by issuing equity shares privately. He has to sell the shares to his friends and relatives. He can also study of various government schemes and raise capital through those schemes. Ram can also borrow money from banks, financial institutes, etc. He can also accept deposits from the public in the further stage of his business.

iii) ‘Marketing is a necessary step of running a business,’ comment on it.
Ans:- Goods are ultimately manufactured for consumers. There is competition among many manufacturers and traders to sell goods in the market. Without selling the goods, the manufacturer cannot earn a profit. Profit is the main motto of business. To sell goods in the market, advertising and publicity are required. To make your brand image in the market, advertising with the quality of goods is required. Branded goods are easily sold in the market. Marketing can be done in many ways like TV, Radio, Bill Boards, Internet, Websites, Salesman, etc. Thus, marketing is a necessary step of running a business

2) Mr. Rahim is keenly interested in starting Small Scale business. But he is worried about
the challenges before Small Scale business. Guide him about the solutions to face these
Ans:- The non-cooperation movement encourages the development of small scale industries of India because the non-cooperation movement was a significant way of the Indian Independence movement from British rule. It was led by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi after the Jallianwala Bagh massacre.