Answer in one sentence.

1) What do you mean by internal trade?
Ans:- Trade carried on within the geographical boundaries of a country is called internal trade or domestic trade 

2) Who is known as hawkers?
Ans:- A trader who carries the goods on the back of animals or wheel cart for the purpose of selling is called an hawker.

3) What is the meaning of peddlers?
Ans:- Mobile retailer who carry goods on their head or back and move from one place to another for selling are called paddlers

4) What do you mean by fixed shop retailer?
Ans:- Fixed shop retailers are those retailers who have a fixed place for their business.

5) What is meant by small scale fixed retailer?
Ans:- Small scale fixed retailers are those who conduct their business operations on a small scale with variety of goods at a fixed place.

6) What do you mean by large scale fixed retailers?
Ans:- Large scale fixed retailers operate on large scale business at a fixed place.

7) What is departmental store?
Ans:- A departmental store is a large scale retail organisation situated in a central place in the city. It is divided into a number of small retail shops known as departments, selling different goods under one roof.

8) What is meant by supermarket shop?
Ans:- It is a large scale retail organization which sells a wide variety of goods to customers on the basis of self service.

9) What is the meaning of chain stores?
Ans:- Chain store is a retail shop owned and controlled by a single organization located 1n different parts of the city, with a particular kind of goods.

10) What is one price shop?
Ans:- One price shops are shops where all articles are sold at one standard and fixed price.

11) What is mall?
Ans:- A mall is a large enclosed shopping complex comprising of various stores business cinema theaters and restaurants.