Study the following case/situation and express your opinion.

1) Sonupant purchases his grocery material every month from nearest Nandulal grocery
shop and he purchases wheat, rice and pulses in bulk for whole year from Gorhe and
Son’s, Market yard.

i) Who is wholesaler?
Ans:- Gorhe and son’s Market yard.

ii) Who is retailer?
Ans:- Nandulal grocery
shop is the retailer.

iii) Any one difference between wholesaler and retailer
Ans:-Goods are sold to retailer for the purpose of sale by wholesaler. Goods are sold to customer for consumption by the retailer.

2) Anurag is selling goods to Japan. Kavita is buying goods from USA where as Ganesh
is buying raw material from South Africa and after processing it sells finished goods to
i) Who is exporter?
Ans:- Anurag is the exporter. 

ii) Who is importer?
Ans:- Kavita is an importer.
iii) What is Entrepot Trade?
Ans:- Enterpot trade is re-exporting of the goods to another country, with or without processing or re-packaging e.g. Ganesh buying raw materials from South Africa and processing it and selling it to Malaysia.