Answer in one sentence

1) What is debit card?
Ans: Most of the banks nowadays offer debit cards as soon as the account is opened by the account holder. Through debit card payments, the amount gets deducted from the account holder’s account.

2) What is ‘subject matter’ in insurance?
Ans: Subject matter refers to the subject or entity i.e life, property, cargo or ship, etc. which is insured against which the policy is taken.

3) What is a government warehouse?
Ans: These warehouses are owned, managed, and controlled by central and state governments or public authorities. It is difficult for small farmers, businessmen, traders to own a warehouse, so these government warehouses assist them in storing their goods at a nominal charge.

4) What is air transport?
Ans: Air transport carries the goods and passengers through airways by using different aircrafts like passenger aircrafts, cargo aircraft, helicopters etc. This is the fastest mode of transport but it does not provide door to door service.

5) What is communication?
Ans: Communication is an art of exchanging ideas, facts, information, etc. from one person or entity to another. The process of passing any information from one person to another with the help of some medium is termed as communication.