Select the correct option and rewrite the completed sentence.

1) Door to door service is provided by _________ transport.
a) railway
b) road
c) air 
Ans:- b) road

2) __________ creates time utility.
a) Warehouse 
b) Transport 
c) Government 
Ans:- a) Warehouse 

3) _____________ warehouses provide facilities for perishable commodities.
a) Bonded
b) Cold storage
c) Government 
Ans:- b) Cold storage

4) _____________  policy covers all types of risks of a vessel while it is anchored at the port for a particular period of time.
a) Port risk
b) Voyage
c) Floating 
Ans:- a) Port risk

5) Principle of ___________ is not applicable to life insurance.
a) insurable interest 
b) utmost good faith
c) indemnity
Ans:- c) indemnity