Select the correct answer and rewrite the sentence.

1) In India, the consumer protection act was initiated in the year ____________.
a) 1947
b) 1989
c) 1986
Ans:- c) 1986

2) The President of District Commission is a ____________.
a) District Judge

b) High Court Judge
c) Supreme Court Judge
Ans:- a) District Judge

3) The main objective of the consumer organization is to protect the interest of the ____________.
a) Consumer

b) trader
c) producer
Ans:- a) Consumer

 4) ____________ is the highest authority to settle the consumer dispute under Act.
a) State Commission
b) National Commission
c) District Commission
Ans:- b) National Commission

 5) The Government has established ____________ to settle the consumer disputes by compromise.
a) District Commission
b) Lok Adalat
c) Consumer organisation
Ans:-b) Lok Adalat

 6) National Commission has ____________ members.
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
Ans:- c) 4

 7) District Commission entertains complaints of the consumer for compensation which is less than ____________
a) one crore

b) ten lacs
c) ten crore
Ans:- a) one crore

8) ____________ is celebrated as World Consumer Day.
a) 24th December
b) 26th January
c) 15th March
Ans:- c) 15th March 

 9) In modern competitive market, consumer is regarded as the ____________.
a) king

b) Agency
c) Owner
Ans:- a) king