Study the following case/ situation and express your opinion.

1) Mr. Soham is a young MBA degree holder, Mr. Navin is a B.Com graduate. Mr. Soham is willing to start a dairy farm at his village. Mr. Navin is willing to work as a cashier in a Private Company.
i) Find out the dream of Soham and Navin.
ii) State anyone feature of Entrepreneur.
iii) To become a successful entrepreneur, which qualities Mr. Soham should have?

i) The dream of Soham is to become an entrepreneur and the dream of Navin is to take up a job in a private company and get a fixed income as salary.

ii) An entrepreneur is a person who is willing to take risk in order to earn money and start a business.

iii) To become a successful entrepreneur Mr. Soham should have qualities like innovator, creator, reactive, and risk bearer.