Give one Word/Phrase/Term for the following statement.

1) The right person at the job with the right pay.
Ans:- Staffing

2) A person who shows the correct path as well as guides employees in solving the problems.
Ans:- Director

3) First function of management.
Ans:- Planning

4) Last function of management.
Ans:- Controlling

5) It is an intellectual process of logical thinking and rational decision making.
Ans:- Planning

6) The term that is used to denote the structure.
Ans:- Organization

7) It is the process of attracting, recruiting, selecting, placing, appraising and remunerating the people.
Ans:- Staffing

8) The process that leads the employees towards the accomplishment of organizational goals.
Ans:- Directing

9) It increases the team spirit of the workplace.
Ans:- Co-ordinating

10) It is the process of comparing the actual performance with the predetermined standard performance.
Ans:- Controlling