Select the correct option and rewrite the sentence.

1) The functions of management start with __________ function.
a) organizing 
b) planning
c) coordinating
Ans:- b) planning

2) The functions of management end with __________.
a) directing
b) staffing
c) Controlling
c) Controlling

3) __________ sets out standards for controlling.
a) Staffing
b) Planning
c) Coordinating
Ans:- b) Planning

4) Organization function is important for execution of the plans which have been prepared by __________ management.
a) top level
b) middle level
c) lower level
Ans:- a) top level

5) ___________ is the function which supports to activate the plans with the help of employees.
a) Staffing
b) Directing
c) Co-ordinating
Ans:- b) Directing

6) ____________ is the function of execution according to the plan and the organizational structure.
a) Controlling
b) Directing
c) Staffing
Ans:- b) Directing

7) ______ arranges the work in such a way that minimum conflicts are raised.
a) Co-ordinating
b) Organizing
c) Controlling
Ans:- a) Co-ordinating