Select the correct option and rewrite the sentence.

1) _____________ was regarded as Father of Scientific Management.
a) Henry Fayol
b) F W Taylor
c) Philip Kotler
Ans:- b) F W Taylor

2) Principle of ___________ is based on ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’.
a) Discipline
b) order
c) equity
Ans:- b) order

3) Member of organization should receive orders from ____________ .
a) many superior
b) one superior
c) all superiors
Ans:- b) one superior

4) Scalar chain means the hierarchy of __________ from the top level to the lower level for the purpose of
a) communication.
b) discipline
c) unity
d) authority
Ans:- d) authority

5) Taylor recommended total __________ foremen to control the various aspects of production.
a) eight
b) three
c) two
Ans:- a) eight