Study the following case/situation and express your opinion.

1) Yashwant Co. Ltd. is providing facilities for their female staff like a daycare center for kids and work from home facility. Even management takes their suggestions while taking the decisions though they are members of trade union
1) By doing this they are following social responsibilities towards which interest groups?
2) What values are they presenting?
3) What kind of responsibilities employer follows in the above case?
Ans :
1) By treating the staff with dignity and respect the company follows the social responsibilities towards the employees.

2) Yashwant Co. Ltd. is presenting social values by showing co-operation to their female staff.

3) Management takes the employee’s suggestions while taking decisions even though they are members of a trade union. By doing this, management recognizes the right of employees to join Trade Unions. The company also does not restrict employees from forming Trade Union. Thus they follow social responsibility towards employees.

2) An Organization manufacturing paint has been enjoying a prominent market position for many years. It has been dumping its untreated poisonous waste on the riverbank: which has created many health problems for the nearby villages.
1) Which responsibility is neglected by the manufacturing organizations?
2) What kind of pollution they are doing?
3) What precautionary measures do they need to take? 
Ans :
1) Responsibility towards the protection of the environment is neglected by manufacturing industries.
2) They are creating water pollution by dumping its untreated poisonous waste on the river bank.
3) Proper waste management techniques should be adopted by the organization under which waste should be reduced, effort should be made to reuse the waste. Waste that cannot be reduced or reused should be recycled. 

3) A vehicle manufacturing company has adopted the following practices.
A) Only those components will be used by the company which is environment friendly.
B) There will be a discharge of harmful wastes only after their proper treatment.
C) The pollution level of every vehicle will be maintained as per international standards.
1) By doing this, the business organization follows social responsibility towards which interest group?
2) What kind of pollution do they want to avoid?
3) What kind of message do they want to convey?
Ans :
1) The business organization follows social responsibility towards society for the protection of the environment. 
2) They want to avoid air pollution.
3) They want to convey the message that businesses should be committed to protecting the environment and should not create an imbalance in nature.