Select the correct option and rewrite the sentence

1) Business is a ________ activity.
a) Socio-economic
B) Service
C) Charitable
aNS:- a) Socio-economic

2) The business organization should try to make ____________ utilization of natural resources.
a) Minimum
b) Maximum
c) Optimum 
Ans:- c) Optimum 

3) For economic growth and national security ____________ stability is required
a) Political
b) Social
c) Economic
Ans:- a) Political

4) Making timely payment of proper taxes is the responsibility of organisation towards ____________.
a) Shareholders
b) Customers
c) Government 
Ans:- c) Government 

5) Businessmen are __________ of the society
a) Representatives
b) leaders
c) Trustees
Ans:- c) Trustees 

6) The business should provide periodic information to ____________.
a) Customers
b) Owners
c) Employees 
Ans:- b) Owners

7) The business should offer adequate opportunities of promotion to their ____________.
a) Employees
b) Customers 
c) Investors
Ans:- a) Employees

8) The term ‘Ethics’ is derived from the ____________ word ‘Ethos’ which means character.
a) Latin
b) French
c) Greek
Ans:- c) Greek

9) Business ethics refers to the ____________ system of principles.
a) Economic 
b) Social
c) Moral
Ans:- c) Moral

10) The business organisation should protect health and provide safety measures to ____________
a) employees
b) owners
c) investors
Ans:- a) employees

 11) At least __________________ % of the average net profit should be spent on C.S.R.
a) 5%
b) 2%
c) 3%
Ans:- b) 2%