Answer in one sentence.

1) Which factors are included in internal environment?
Ans:- Value system, vision, mission and objective management structure, internal power relationship, Human resources, Physical facilities, Marketing resources, etc. are the factors included in internal environment.

2) What are the powers of legislature?
Ans:- Policy making, law making, budget approving, executing control, etc. are the powers of legislature.

3) Which factors influence the economic condition of the Nation?
Ans:- Economic condition of the nation is based on’ the gross domestic product, per capital income, availability of capital, growth of foreign trade and strength of capital market.

4) Who possess the factors of production in socialist economy?
Ans:- In socialist economy Government possess the factors of production

5) In which environment are the methods and techniques of production included?
Ans:- Technological environment consist of the method and technical of production.

6) When did Indian government launch New Economic Policy?
Ans:- Indian government launched New Economic Policy on 24th July, 1991.

7) What is useful to reduce political interference in industry?
Ans:- Privatisation is useful to reduce political interference in Industry.

8) How is the boundary less world possible?
Ans:- Boundary less world is possible through Globalization.