Study the following case/situation and express your opinion.

1) While working in a company, Pranav used to give order to his subordinates about what
is to be done and which work is to be done? In this organization, various employees like
Pratap are doing their work assigned by Pravin. In this company, Pravin submit his report
of work completion to Pranav after completing the work done by the employees like
i) Identify different levels of management in above mentioned company.
ii) Find the level of Pranav in management of company.
iii) Explain the functions and role of Pratap in his company.
i) There are two levels of management i.e. middle and lower level of management in above mentioned company.
ii) Pranav works in the middle level management of company.
iii) Pratap is an employee in a company. He works at the lower level. He executes the work assigned by Pravin.

2) Shankar Patil is an advocate and he is running his profession in a very good manner.
His younger brother Prashant Patil has done very beautiful and artistic decoration of his
brother’s office with seating arrangement and symbol of Justice as his hobby. Vishwas
Patil, older brother of Shankar Patil is a science graduate and doing farming in best way.
He exports the farm production. On the basis of above information:
i) Identify the source of income of Shankar Patil.
ii) What is the qualification of Prashant Patil as a decorator?
iii) Mention two features of profession.
i) Shankar Patil is a lawyer by profession. He is practicing as a Lawyer / an advocate. He render his services to his clients and against that charges fee from them. So, ‘fee’ is the income source of Shankar Patil.
ii) Prashant Patil may be or may not be a professional interior decorator. His hobby 1s decorating the office / houses. He may be an artist and an art does not require any formal education.
iii) Following are the features of profession:
(a) Formal Education: Profession needs formal education. Today managers are qualified with management diploma or degrees. They take formal training from management schools which help them to work with perfection.
(b)Restricted Entry: The entry in any profession is restricted. It needs a formal education. For example Lawyer, Doctor, Interior designs, Architect, Chartered Accountant, etc. Such compulsion is not there for becoming a manager.