Answer in one sentence.

1) Who can attend Board Meetings?
Ans:- Only Directors can attend Board Meetings.

2) When can an Adjourned Annual General meeting be held?
Ans:- An Adjourned Annual General Meeting can be held on the same day, time and place in the next week.

3) Why is Extra – ordinary General Meeting held?
Ans:- An Extraordinary General Meeting is held to discuss and decide special or urgent matters which cannot be postponed till next Annual General Meeting.

4) When should the first Annual General Meeting be held?
Ans:- The first Annual General Meeting should be held within 9 months of closing of the first financial year of the company.

5) What should be the interval between two Annual General Meeting?
Ans:- The interval between two Annual General Meetings should not be more than 15 months.

6) What should be the gap between two Board Meetings?
Ans:- The gap between two Board Meetings should not be more than 120 day