Write a word or a term or a phrase which can substitute each of the following statements.

1) A slip used for depositing cash and cheque in the Bank account.
Ans:- Pay-in-slip

2) Permission to withdraw excess amount from Current Account.
Ans:- Overdraft

3) Separate loan account under which the short term loan facility given by bank to the business.
Ans:- Cash Credit (CC)

4) The short term credit facility given by bank to current account holder.
Ans:- Overdraft

5) The account which is generally opened by business organization.
Ans:- Current account

6) Request of Secretary to the bank not to make the payment of cheque.
Ans:- Stop payment request

7) The type of account for which higher rate of interest is paid to bank depositors.
Ans:- Fixed deposits account

8) The slip which is used for withdrawing money from Savings Account.
Ans:- Withdrawals slip

9) Negotiable Instrument which can be discounted with the bank.
Ans:- Bill of exchange