Study the following case/situation and express your opinion.

1) Mr. A is a commerce graduate. He has vast experience in the field of finance and financial
market. He wishes to become director of PQR co Ltd.
a) Is he required to obtain DIN?
b) Can PQR Co. Ltd. object to his directorship on lack of specialized qualification?
c) If he is appointed as director of PQR Co Ltd, is he entitled to remuneration?

2) Mr. Z is a member of Institute of Company Secretaries of India.
a) Can Mr. Z be appointed as pro-tem Secretary of LMN Ltd. which is under formation?
b) Can Mr. Z work as secretarial Auditor?
c) Mr. Z wishes to be employed as whole time Secretary in companies ABC Ltd. and
OPC Ltd. Is he allowed?


3) Mr. M wishes to be the Managing director of QRS Ltd.
a) The age of MR. M is 30 years. Can he be appointed as MD of a company?
b) Is it necessary that Mr. M should be one of the directors on the Board of QRS Ltd.?
c) For how long a period QRS Ltd. can appoint Mr. M. as Managing Director?