Write a word or a term or a phrase which can substitute each of the following statements:-

1) Primary document of a company which states aims and objectives of a company.
Ans:- Memorandum of association.

2) Document which establishes company’s relationship with outsiders.
Ans:- Memorandum of association.

3) Document which states the limits within which a company has to operate.
Ans:- Articles of association

4) Document which contains, Name Clause, Registered Office Clause, Capital Clause, etc.
Ans:-Memorandum of association.

5) Document which is subordinate to the Memorandum of Association.
Ans:- Articles of association

6) Document which contains rules and regulations for internal management.
Ans:- Articles of association

7) Term used for acts beyond the scope of Memorandum of Association.
Ans:- Ultra vires

8) Clause which describes the main activities a company can undertake.
Ans:- Object clause 

9) Clause which gives details of authorized capital or Registered Capital.
Ans:- Capital clause .

10) Clause which describes the extent of liability of members.
Liability clauses

11) Last clause of Memorandum which contains name, signature and other details of all the subscribers to the Memorandum.
Ans:- Association or subscription causes

12) Document which establishes relationship between a company and its members.
Ans:- Article of association

13) Document issued by public company inviting public to subscribe to its shares.
Ans:- Prospectus .

14) Prospectus attached with every share application form.
Ans:- Abridge prospects

15) Prospectus used for multiple issue of shares within a year.
Ans:- Shelf prospectus

16) It is an incomplete prospectus.
Ans:- Red herring prospectus

17) This prospectus does not contain information about quantum of shares to be issued or the price at which shares will be issued.
Ans:- Red herring prospectus