Write a word or a term or a phrase which can substitute each of the following statements.

1) The term used in the Roman empire for a person who was a professional letter writer.
Ans:- Scribae

2) Sports club is an example of this type of organization.
Ans:- Non-profit association

3) A Secretary appointed by an individual.
Ans:- Personal secretary.

4) The quality that a Secretary should possess to be faithful to his organization.
Ans:- Loyalty

5) Latin word for Secretary.
Ans:- Secretarius

6) The company Secretary must be a member of this organization.
Ans:- ICSI

7) The Secretary of a co-operative organization in Maharashtra must have knowledge of this Act. 
Ans:- Maharashtra state co-operation societies Act in 1960.

8) An association that aims to protect the interest of its members.
Ans:- co-operative society.