Find the Odd One (Weightage 5 Marks)

1. Introduction to Corporate Finance

1. Land and Building, Plant and Machinery, Cash.
Ans:- Cash.

2. Debenture Capital, Equity Share Capital, Preference Share Capital.
Ans:- Debenture Capital

3. Fixed Capital, Capital Structure, Working Capital.
Ans:- Capital Structure

2. Sources of Corporate Finance

1. Debenture, Public deposit, Retained earnings.
Ans: Retained earnings.

2. Face value, Market value, Redemption value.
Ans: Redemption value.

3. Share Certificate, Debenture Certificate, ADR.
Ans: ADR.

4. Trade Credit, Overdraft, Cash Credit.
Ans: Trade Credit

3. Issue of Shares

1. Authorised capital, Equity share capital, Issued capital, Paidup capital.
Ans:- Equity share capital

2. ESOS, ESPS, Rights Shares, Sweat Equity.
Ans:- Rights Shares

3. Floor Price, Cap price, Cut-off price, Face Value.
Ans:- Face Value.

4. Bonus shares, Rights Shares, ESOS.
Ans:- ESOS.

5. Allotment of shares, Forfeiture of shares, Surrender of shares.
Ans:- Allotment of shares

4. Issue of Debentures

1. Debenture holders, Interest, Dividend.
Ans: Debenture holders

2. Debenture Trustees, Court, NCLT.
Ans: Court

3. Secured Debentures, Convertible debentures, Irredeemable debentures.
Ans: Irredeemable debentures.

4. Debenture trustees, Trust Deed, Shareholders.
Ans: Shareholders.

5. Deposits

1. Private company, Eligible public company, Government company.
Ans: Private company

2. Deposit Trustee, Deposit Trust Deed, Special Resolution.
Ans: Special Resolution

3. Appointment of Deposit Trustee, Appointment of Registrar of companies, Appointment of Credit Rating Agency.
Ans: Appointment of Credit Rating Agency.

6. Correspondence with Members

1. Secrecy,   Dividend,   Interest.
Ans: Secrecy

2. Bonus Letter,      Dividend Letter,     Board of Directors
Ans: Board of Directors

3. Dividend Warrant,    Interest Warrant,     Demat
Ans: Demat

4. Secretary,     Board of Directors,    Dividend,      Lucid Language
Ans: Lucid Language

7. Correspondence with Debentureholders

1. Depository, Interest, Dividend
Ans: Depository

2. Interest warrant, Dividend Warrant, Demat
Ans: Demat

3. Debenture holder, Shareholder, Dematerialisation
Ans: Dematerialisation

4. Debenture holder, Share holder, SEBI’

8. Correspondence with Depositors

1. Dividend, Depositor, Deposit Receipt
Ans: Dividend

2. Trust Deed, Depository, Deposit Receipt
Ans: Depository

9. Depository System

1. Elimination of storage of Certificates, Theft of Certificates, Torn Certificates.
Ans: Elimination of storage of Certificates

Ans: NBFC 

3. Depository, DP, RBI.
Ans: RBI

4. DP, BO, State Government.
Ans: State Government

5. Issuer, BO, Central Government.
Ans: Central Government

Ans: PPF

10. Dividend and Interest

1. Final Dividend, Interim Dividend, Interest.
Ans: Interest

2. Out of Capital, Out of free reserve, Out of money given by government.
Ans: Out of Capital

3. Dividend Account, Dividend Mandate, unpaid/unclaimed dividend Account.
Ans: Dividend Mandate

4. Dividend warrant, Dividend Mandate, Cheque.
Ans: Dividend Mandate

11. Financial Market

1. Treasury Bills, Shares, Certificate of Deposit.
Ans: Shares

2. FPO, Private Placement, Commercial paper.
Ans: Commercial Paper

3. New Issues Market, Call Money Market, Secondary Market.
Ans: Call Money Market

12. Stock Exchange

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