Answer in one sentence.

1. Who is depositor ?
Ans. Depositors are the creditors of the company.

2. What is the return on deposit ?
Ans. Interest is the return on deposit.

3. What is Interest Warrant ?
Ans. Interest warrant is used for making payment of interest to the depositors (creditors).

4. What is renewal of deposit ?
Ans. Renewal of deposit means acceptance of the same deposit by the company for further period.

5. Which document is enclosed along with the Renewal Letter ?
Ans. A Renewal Deposit Receipt is enclosed along with the renewal letter.

6. When will the company return the deposit ?
Ans. On the maturity of tenure, the company will return the deposit.

7. What is minimum and maximum period of deposit ?
Ans. Minimum and maximum period of deposit is 6 months and 36 months respectively.