Write a word or a term or a phrase which can substitute each of the following statements.

1. This mode of holding securities may result in loss and theft of certificates.
Ans:- Physical mode

2. The organization which holds the securities in electronic mode.
Ans:- Depository

3. This system eliminates storing of certificates. 
Ans:- Depository

4. This system allows faster and easier transfer of securities.
Ans:– Depository

5. The oldest Depository of India.
Ans:- NSDL

6. The country where depository system started for the first time.
Ans:- Germany

7. The registered owner of securities.
Ans:- BO

8. The Agent of the Depository.
Ans:- DP

9. This process converts securities into electronic form from physical form.
Ans:- Demat

10. This process converts securities into physical form from electronic form.
Ans:- Remat

11. This means securities are without distinctive identity number.
Ans:- Fungibility

12. This is the unique code for security given in depository system.
Ans:– ISIN