Write a word or a term or a phrase which can substitute each of the following statements.

1. A company which can accept deposits from its members, directors or their relatives not exceeding 100% of aggregate of paid up share capital and free reserves. 
Ans:- Private Company

2. Company which can accept deposits from public up to 35% of its paid-up share capital and free reserves.
Ans:- Government Company

3. Minimum tenure of a deposit.
Ans:- 6 month

4. Maximum tenure of a deposit.
Ans:- 36 month

5. Period within which a company has to create a charge on its tangible assets.
Ans:- Within 30 days of acceptance of deposits

6. Document issued by a company to invite its members to subscribe for its Deposits.
Ans: – Circular

7. ­Agreement between company and Deposit Trustee.
Ans:- Deposit Trust Deed

8. Account that can be used only for repaying deposits.
Ans: – Deposit Repayment Reserve Account

9. Time within which company has to issue deposit Receipt.
Ans:- Within 21 days from date of receipt of deposit

10. Book which contains details of deposits accepted or renewed.
Ans:- Register of Deposit