Write a word or a term or a phrase which can substitute each of the following statements.

1. The return on investment paid to the shareholders of the company. 
Ans:- Dividend

2. The meeting where final dividend is declared.
Ans:- AGM

3. The company which has to intimate stock exchange about declaration of dividend.
Ans:- Listed Company

4. The shareholders who get dividend at a fixed rate. 
Ans:- Preferences Shareholder

5. The shareholders who get dividend at a fluctuating rate.
Ans:- Equity Shareholder

6. Request by shareholder in prescribed form for payment of dividend into shareholders bank amount. 
Ans:- Dividend Mandate

7. Number of days within which payment of dividend be completed by company, after its declaration.
Ans:- 30 days

8. Dividend declared between two AGMs.
Ans:- Interim Dividend

9. Dividend decided and declared by the Board.
Ans:- Interim Dividend

10. The return paid to the creditors by the company.
Ans:- Interest.