Select the correct answer from the options given below and rewrite the statements.

1) ______ is related to money and money management.
a) Production
b) Marketing
c) Finance
Ans:- c) Finance

2) Finance is the management of ______ affairs of the company
a) monetary
b) marketing
c) production
Ans:- a) monetary

3) Corporation finance deals with the acquisition and use of ______ by business
a) corporation.
b) goods
c) capital
 d) land
Ans:- c) capital

4) Company has to pay ______ to government.
a) taxes
b) dividend
c) interest
Ans:-a) taxes

5) ______ refers to any kind of fixed assets.
a) Authorised capital
b) Issued capital
c) Fixed capital
c) Fixed capital

6)______ refers to the excess of current assets over current liabilities.
a) Working capital
b) Paid-up capital
c) Subscribed capital
Ans:- a) Working capital

7) Manufacturing industries have to invest ______ amount of funds to acquire fixed assets.
a) huge
b) less
c) minimal
Ans:-a) huge

8) When the population is increasing at high rate, certain manufacturers find this as an opportunity to ______ business.
a) close
b) expand
c) contract
Ans:- b) expand

9) The sum of all ______ is gross working capital.
a) expenses
b) current assets
c) current liabilities
Ans:- b) current assets

10) ______ means mix up of various sources of funds in desired proportion.
a) Capital budgeting
b) Capital structure
c) Capital goods
Ans:- b) Capital structure