Write a word or a term or a phrase which can substitute each of the following statements.

1. Type of resolution needed to issue convertible debentures.
Ans:- Special resolution

2. Account to be created for redemption of debentures.
Ans:- Debenture Redemption Reserve

3. Institution appointed by company to protect the interest of debenture holders.
Ans:- Debenture Trustees

4. Period within which secured debentures should be redeemed.
Ans:- 10 Years

5. Type of debentures on which company has to create a charge on its assets.
Ans:- Secured Debentures

6. The document which contains terms and conditions agreed upon by the company and the Debenture trustees.
Ans:- Debenture Trust Deed

7. Time period within which the procedure for allotment of debenture is to be completed from the date of receipt of applications. 
Ans:- 60 Days

8. Period within which debenture certificate must be issued by a company.
Ans:-  6 months

9. Institution which redresses grievances of debenture holders.
Ans:- Debenture Trustee

10. Authority which has power to issue debentures.-
Ans:- Board of Directors